About Us

Antalya KONYALILAR scrap dealers since the beginning of 1996 working in many branches of industry experience and the experience gained wrecker KONYALILAR Junkman Company, Antalya, Antalya, which is to become a new shining star. Junkman sector has become the leading company of the rising line of Antalya. Special services offered to customers opting for what proved a careful work up.   Junkman KONYALILAR worn all kinds of Antalya, is second hand goods into a powder by machinists utilize devamı...

Vision Mission

VISION Without compromising on quality and reliance on us the leader in Turkey, is to have a voice in the international arena.   MISSION Fills almost half a century and a time to iron and steel sector is a registered trademark of our company mission that we have the knowledge and manufacturing experience, our employees, combined with the constructive and creative ideas and continuous improvement and technological developments, the first choice of customers, partners and is devamı...

Quality Policy

- All employees in all processes of production, the first time, without return the most accurate way to produce the best quality with lowest cost and maximum customer satisfaction. - To check the quality is not the end of production, quality produce. - By controlling the hazards and risks related to our activities our employees to create safe environments. devamı...

Environmental Policy

KONYALILAR Scrap "RESPECT TO THE NATURE" Under the principle of management aims to minimize the environmental impact of all activities do no harm to the environment with a continuous, sensitive, and carefully look for ways to protect natural resources as an integral part of the agreed activities. For this purpose, company, and continuously improve the Environmental Management System to provide training to all employees in order to prevent environmental pollution, education, sustainability, devamı...

Occupational Health and Safety

Scrap KONYALILAR, all business, by providing adequate health and safety conditions, to operate in the works for a perfect and timely completion of its employees and other people affected by the activities of occupational health and safety of employees in order to minimize losses on them to inform about the necessary announcements, education and awareness activities seeing as the most important priority for the applicable occupational health and safety legislation to comply with the terms of a member devamı...


Hotel equipment Brokerage
Restaurant-Restaurant Equipment Buying and Selling
Cafe Equipment Buying and Selling
Pastry Supplies Buying and Selling
Bar and Disco Equipment Buying and Selling
Kitchen Equipment Buying and Selling
Home Buying and Selling Mazemeleri
Hotel Supplies Buying and Selling
Construction Materials Buying and Selling
Cable Stripper and Recycling
Purchase and Sale of Scrap Iron
Iron Material Sales
Procurement of Copper Scrap
Peeling Copper Acquisition
Procurement of Cable Scrap
Yellow Scrap
Procurement of Aluminum Scrap
Procurement of Waste Chrome
Procurement of Aluminum Scrap Box
Procurement of Aluminum Scrap Hard
Procurement of Battery Scrap
Antimony scrap Procurement
Plastic Supply
Purchase Cash-Chair
Plastic Pet Supply

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