Aluminium Scrap

Aluminum and its alloys in many industries use of high brightness, corrosion resistance, and because the strength is used. Generally equivalent to the weight of aluminum alloys in the steel component 3 is 1i. devamı...

Scrap comb

KONYALILAR buys and sells scrap Scrap Honeycomb used in many sectors. We take our company to buy scrap from honeycomb-site or tonnage, or overweight. devamı...

brass scrap

In common with all industrial jobs WASTE plastic hurdaurunleriniz cikmaktadir.Kullanilmayan Rice for help with our company and depending on the position taken delivery from alabilirsiniz.Plastik WASTE products, made ​​of heat shock. devamı...

plastic scrap

In common with all industrial jobs WASTE hurdaurunleriniz cikmaktadir.Kullanilmayan Plastic for plastic products from our company WASTE alabilirsiniz.Plastik deliver aid and depending on the position taken, is made of heat shock. devamı...

zinc scrap

In common with all industrial jobs WASTE cikmaktadir.Kullanilmayan Zinc scrap zinc products are delivered from our company and products help WASTE alabilirsiniz.çinko depending on the position, made ​​of heat shock. devamı...


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