Electronic Scrap

Electrical and electronics industry is the world's largest and fastest growing manufacturing industry and as a result of this growth and the rapid aging / obsolescence because of the old / scrap electronic devices (electronic waste) is now the world's most serious problem in the solid. devamı...

Scrap Waste

Environmental awareness and waste control laws and regulations in developed countries where it became compulsory. Waste collection and storage of large areas to be allocated for the systematic creation of optimized problems, although they have been taking place. In developed countries, waste management, waste storage areas to store a new great debate about the activities began to find. The basis of legal regulations in waste management; be as little as possible emissions hydrogen fuel production devamı...

Scrap Vehicles

The largest among them may be mentioned a lot of scrap vehicles scrap shears technology (eg computer) to a very large volume of scrap vehicles in the class of ships, including niteleyebileceğimiz olmasıdır.Bu scissors a lot of material used as a counting tool called home scrap (eg household white goods), this was nominated to take part in the middle of scissors scrap construction vehicles should not be forgotten. Instead of utilizing the tools in a holistic piece of scrap markets are usually available, devamı...

Glass Scrap

Broken Glass, bottle recycling, such as procurement of supplies made ​​ devamı...

What is the Scrap and Recycling?

Natural resources are not unlimited, the resources will run out one day if not used carefully. Prevent waste of resources, and emerging energy crisis with efforts to upgrade the living standards of this fact that scraped back and reuse of wastes in developed countries and have developed methods for searching. The same truth in the light of the condition of the European Economic Community member states have to be recycled. (Curi, Kocasoy, l982)   The development efforts of developing devamı...


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