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Scrap Waste Environmental awareness and waste control laws and regulations in developed countries where it became compulsory. Waste collection and storage of large areas to be allocated for the systematic creation of optimized problems, although they have been taking place. In developed countries, waste management, waste storage areas to store a new great debate about the activities began to find. The basis of legal regulations in waste management; be as little as possible emissions hydrogen fuel production and consumption in the production planning until the last link of the waste collected to the high rate of secondary raw materials as possible, or re-used for other purposes, soil, water, air environment, so as not to harm living things and habitats based on the realization of disposing of the foundations. Covering large areas of waste to be re-evaluated next click at the Bua is very important for scrap and Scrap. The balance of nature is very delicate. Be affected by the destruction of this balance from the outside, and this is sustained irreparable damage would result in the emergence of disorders. Environmental and waste management is of great importance for the scrap and Scrap. Applicability of the management of waste, scrap and Scrap olomaktadır we call the big benefits of the sector. The main purpose of use of damaged property, has become unusable, useless, rash, antiquated, antique value of the very little amount of money, if not the most simple definition of scrap materials, which are called worthless. At the same time can be defined as a manufactured product have become unusable for the purpose.

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