What is the Scrap and Recycling?

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What is the Scrap and Recycling?
Natural resources are not unlimited, the resources will run out one day if not used carefully. Prevent waste of resources, and emerging energy crisis with efforts to upgrade the living standards of this fact that scraped back and reuse of wastes in developed countries and have developed methods for searching. The same truth in the light of the condition of the European Economic Community member states have to be recycled. (Curi, Kocasoy, l982)
The development efforts of developing countries facing economic difficulties and natural resources in the waste to the maximum benefit in the long term, and put an end to waste, materials recovery and reuse of the economic value of research methods are required.
Iron, steel, copper, lead, paper, plastic, rubber, glass, such as materials recovery and reuse, such as to prevent exhaustion of the imported scrap material to meet the needs of the country reduce the amount paid in foreign currency, the energy savings will be largely used. Another issue mentioned above, which is at least as important as the large decrease in the amount of solid waste to be removed, and therefore substantially to prevent environmental pollution. Solid waste disposal on a regular basis, especially for countries without enough space for the amount of solid waste volume reduction and a big advantage.
According to research energy used for the recovery of metals is much less than the energy required for removal of metal mines. Namely, one ton of aluminum recycled metal, the energy consumption of energy required to make aluminum from ore to 4%. Likewise, copper compounds, metals for recovery of energy needed for the removal of this metal in the energy required only 13%, and iron / steel up to 19%. (Lyons and Tonkin, 1975). The same way, with one ton of recycling of used paper kurtarılmakta 17 trees, 4100 kilowatt hours of energy savings that this amount is used by a family on average per year of electricity is the energy of l.
A significant amount of waste material is recycled and reused. For example, the waste in the glass, metal, plastic and paper / cardboard waste as a raw material passed through various processes can be evaluated. Using these wastes as raw materials, bottles, cans, plastic, paper, fertilizer, such as recycling is to be converted to a new substance. Recycling system is the first step in a healthy source of this material collected by separate. These wastes are mixed with normal garbage recyclable nature of much lower quality of secondary materials produced from these materials and cleaning operations may be problems. Therefore, the most important step in the recycling process creates the source separation and separate collection.
Which Recyclable Materials?
Waste is a significant amount of recyclable materials in the food and beverage packaging and metal plastic and glass waste is paper and cardboard. In addition, bone, special separation plants is recycled into the textile segments.
Recycling System 5 Basic Steps:
Separation 1.Kaynakta; evaluable in which a qualified source separated wastes mixed with waste from accumulating.
Separate waste collection 2.Değerlendirilebilir, this process can be evaluated from the separate collection of wastes mixed with waste provides a clean.
3.Sınıflama; this process the materials collected separately at source, glass, metal, plastic and paper provides the basis of the separation of classes.
4.Değerlendirme; clean ekonomiğe separated materials used in the process of recycling. In this process, the material undergoes a chemical and physical properties of the material returns to the economy.
5.Yeni provide the economy with the product; recycled product is available again.
Why is recycling important?
Resources Saving 1.Doğal;
Natural resources of the world population and consumption patterns change due to decreases with each passing day. Therefore, to reduce material consumption, waste recycling can be considered a qualified and efficient use of our natural resources we have to copy. For this reason, conservation and efficient use of our natural resources for recycling is an extremely important process. For example, recycling of paper and forest trees will ensure less interrupted more. Similarly, recycling of plastic waste oil can be save.
Savings is 2.Energy;
Production of recycled materials saves energy by reducing the number of industrial processes. For example, metal drinks cans in the recycling process, these metals being melted into the new product directly for the production of these metals, iron ore and ore, without the need for purification of production processes can be realized. In this way, an aluminum box with recycling of 96%, energy saving can be achieved. Similarly, the introduction of solid waste separated in the reprocessing of paper, the energy required for 50% of what is necessary for normal operations. Likewise, the recycling of glass and plastic waste can be significant energy savings.
3.Waste Reduction Amount;
To the implementation of recycling and litter reduction in the amount of waste transportation and storage of these wastes less space for operations and less energy is used. This reduction in weight but not more than household waste by volume When represents a significant proportion.
Future and Economics Investment 4.Recycling;
Recycling in the long term productive economic investment. As a result of the rapid depletion of natural resources, reduction in raw material and economic problems that may arise, and the recycling economy will be positive on this point. Provide new business opportunities and will provide an opportunity to benefit from natural resources for future generations.
Beyond all that recycling
Efficient use of natural resources will provide potential sources of future generations MAXIMUM AMOUNT THAT COULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT OF SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT STYLE that can leave.

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